The Super Bowl Commercials

Although the Super Bowl was a few weeks ago, the commercials are watched for months after. Perhaps you got up at the wrong time to grab a cold one and you missed a spot. Well, here we are — bringing you all of the commercials from your favorite car companies, and highlighting our top five favorite Super Bowl car commercials. Enjoy!

Audi. “Prom”

Jeep. “Whole Again” 


Kia. “Space Babies” 

Ram Trucks. “Farmer”

Lincoln. “Phoenix

Lincoln. “#SteerTheScript

Mercedes-Benz. “Kate Upton Washed the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion

Hyundai. “Stuck

Hyundai. “Excited

Hyundai. “Don’t Tell

Hyundai Santa Fe “Big Playdate

Fiat. “Topless

Fiat. “Sisters

Kia. “Hotbots

Fiat. “Wedding

Toyota Rav4 “Wish Granted

Volkswagen Beetle “Get In. Get Happy.

All commercials are the property of their respective owners.

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