Ever see the BMW Films?

Did you even know films “starring” BMW’s existed? Featuring the likes of the 740i, 540i, Z4, M5 and others and starring the likes of Forest Whitaker, Mickey Rourke, Madonna, James Brown, Danny Trejo and others, the BMW Films (“The Hire“) are videos that need to be added to your bucket list!

The BMW Films are a series of eight short films (about 10 minutes each) starring Clive Owen as “The Driver”. He is hired by various clients to provide transportation that meets their needs. Each film has a separate director ranging from John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Guy Ritchie, Tony Scott and others — but the adrenaline is non-stop and the videos are action packed!

My personal favorite is “Ambush”–directed by John Frankenheimer and “starring” the 740i–where he is tasked with driving a man with diamonds to an undisclosed location. To see the end result and some high-stakes driving, be sure to watch the video (and the rest of the films) below!



The Follow: 

Powder Keg:


Beat the Devil: 



Videos from YouTube user abmwfan. Photo from BMWBlog.

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