Enter the Texas Mile!


As any car aficionado can tell you, the racetrack is an amazingly exciting place. You’re able to truly test the limits of your car — top speed, handling, acceleration — in a safe place without any penalty from the police. Just yesterday, countless people ran in the Texas Mile — a one mile straight on an airport runway in Texas. Competitions include 130mph, 160mph, 190mph and 200mph — which if you hit that, you get the chance to be a part of the legendary 200+mph club of Texas! Originally started in 2003, the thousands of Texas Mile participants come from all walks of life–from the US, Canada and Mexico.

Also at the Texas Mile, Hennessey Performance (you know, those guys behind the monstrous Venom GT) set a record of 267.7mph in a Ford GT. Last year, they set a record by hitting 257.7mph on 117 octane gas in their twin-turbo 5.7L V8 Ford GT, so by setting a new record yesterday, that has to be quite the accomplishment.

Check out the Texas Mile Facebook page for more photos of the event and check out Hennessey Performance for more information and videos on their cars.

Congratulations Hennessey Performance — you guys deserve it!

Photos from the Texas Mile Facebook page.


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