Not your average Passat…

You may know Tanner Foust from his show, Top Gear America, or you might know him from from his racing history. Well, now there’s a new reason to know him — his new Formula Drift car is a 900 horsepower Volkswagen Passat.

Speaking from the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs, Foust goes into his race history, what brought him to the sport, and the technology that makes the car. “When drifiting came around, I just fit with the sport – I owe a lot to the sport of drifting”, says Foust.

He races for Volkswagen and Rockstar Energy, and this marks his return to Formula D events for the first time since 2010. Foust continues, “I think the sport has changed a lot in 5 years” and it’s true — steering angles are greater, horsepower ranges from 40-60% more and drivers are taking different lines.

Speaking of car technology, Foust’s Passat features a 7.4L V8 pushing 700hp (900hp on nitrous) to the rear wheels. Exhaust headers utilize an eight-into-one sequential collector designed by AEM which, according to Foust, “give the car such a wild scream”. 3D printing is utilized via the handbrake and other car components.

Whether or not he has concerns about his entry back into Formula D after 5 years, he says he’s “going to have a blast doing whatever it is frankly”.

Photos: Rockstar Energy

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