Gymkhana Eight is here!

Set on the streets of Dubai, Gymkhana Eight proves, yet again, that Ken Block is one of our favorite Hoonigans.

Piloting a fully custom Ford Fiesta, Block plows through sand, gets a Ford Raptor on two wheels and teases Dubai Police and their crazy car fleet with some spectacular donuts. As is the case with previous Gymkhana specials, the level of action and cinematics is greater than its’ predecessor. Donuts around a moving airplane and on the empty streets of Dubai -Gymkhana 8 does not disappoint.

Stay tuned after the credits roll to get a peek at Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX, which will be star car of Gymkhana’s ninth installment, coming soon.


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Gymkhana: Part Deutsch

A week or two ago, we brought you a series of Gymkhana videos featuring Ken Block. Well, Audi’s had a go at it and this is what they have to offer:

Flying through water, jumping over ramps, drifting through mud — it all comes down to Audi’s Quattro system and what it does best: tackling all sorts of terrain and difficult road conditions.

Awesome job Audi on making a cool video, now it’s time to make a full-length one!

Throwback Thursday: Ken Block’s Gymkhana 1

Today, on Throwback Thursday, we bring to you a “classic” video from November 2008. A wee freshman in college, a friend showed me Ken Block’s Gymkhana. I was amazed. My mind was blown at the intensity of the stunts and the talent of driving. We thought we might bring it back and show you guys what the definition of ‘hooning’ a car is. Check out Gymkhana 1 above, and the rest of the Gymkhana videos below. I’ve seen each video at least a dozen times and my jaw still drops when I watch them. Each one gets better and better and the imagination, creativity and hard work that go into each of them truly shows in the end product.

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Also, check out this awesome Gymkhana infographic.