Jeff Gordon’s Test Drive

Ever go to a car dealership, test drive a car and be scared to “give it a little gas”? You want to make sure you know how the car responds to how you’re going to drive it, right? NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon & Pepsi bring you this video where he test drives a Camaro, but he more than test drives it–that’s for sure! Check out this video, where he goes undercover as “Mike” and takes this unsuspecting salesman on the ride of his life!

UPDATE: Despite this video being fake, it is still amusing nonetheless.

Video from Pepsi.

Born to Drive: Danica Patrick Sits On Top

On Sunday, February 24th, Danica Patrick will be a part of history as she has become the first woman in NASCAR and the Sprint Cup to take the pole position. With NASCAR’s biggest event, Patrick could not have picked a better race to qualify for the pole position. Patrick was told that about 17 percent of Daytona 500 pole winners finish first, to which she responded, “I’ll take those odds”. When everything is said and done, Danica was born ready and knows what to do.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Daytona 500-Qualifying

Photo Courtesy of NASCAR

How does Danica plan on winning this sunday? “No. 1: not crashing out. It’s really easy to crash at Daytona,” Patrick said. “Finishing is going to put you in a pretty decent spot. Being able to race toward the front. If I can manage making my way toward the front kinda on my own. If I can do something like what Tony’s (Stewart) able to do out there…he does a masterful job at it. For me, it’ll be about earning some respect and trust”.