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As Technology Advances, Volvo Stays On Pace.

We all remember the days when cars had only a little metal key. Eventually, laser cut keys were made; fast forward a few years and cars with push button start using a key fob were the next big thing. The push button start feature comes with many pros, the major one being never having to take your key out of your pocket to open the doors and start the car. But, what if you’re getting tired of carrying around keys in your pocket?

Volvo has the answer, but there is still one major question to ask. What is the one thing you can almost guarantee that every person walking down the street has, long before they even get their learners permit?

Answer: a smartphone.

Volvo has set off a trial run on manufacturing keyless cars using three things that almost everyone use today: bluetooth, a smartphone and an app! With these simple features, Volvo is looking to perfect the next big thing in the automotive industry. Just so you are not deterred from purchasing a Volvo if you are not too technologically inclined, Volvo plans to still offer physical keys for their customers.

The Bluetooth enabled app will give the cars owner a “digital key” that they will be able to share with other people that also use the app, like family members who will also use the car. Not only will it be useful for families that share a car, but it can also be utilized for rental car companies that will be able to send a digital key to the app. Volvo’s app will also able to control door locks and engine starting/stopping.

Having an app on a phone to control your car does cause concern for battery life for the phone but Martin Rosenqvist, New Car Director of Special Products at Volvo Cars says, “Our app has marginal effect on battery life”. The concern for a phone breaking or being misplaced is also bothersome as to how that gets resolved. Rosenqvist is also quoted saying, “If you lose your car key you need to go to the Volvo dealer, if you lose your phone you have to get a new phone. You can acquire a new app on a new phone”.

If this new technology will become a production reality, there is only one way to find out. Stayed tuned with us as we plan on keeping you guys updated with Volvo’s trial of a keyless car.

Video from: The Volvo Group – Volvo Cars

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