Winter Blast

Brrr, it’s cold out there, isn’t it? Lots of snow and ice and salt trucks in your area clearing the roads? It feels good saving money on car washes because it’s winter right? WRONG! We are here to tell you a few simple things to do throughout the winter to keep your car maintained and safe when the weather gets bad.

1) Check the air pressure in your tires and the treads periodically, as well as get them rotated. This will give you optimal stability and control in bad weather.

2) Make sure to keep up with regularly scheduled services especially when it comes to fluids, filters and a tune up. Cold weather makes material on the car stiffer and more brittle, as well as thickens fluids in the car. A tune up can help you save money in the long run by detecting problems early, as well as keeping your car run longer.

3) An emergency kit is ideal during the winter. We suggest keeping a shovel, ice scraper, de-icing liquid as well as salt or kitty litter in your car. Salt or kitty litter will help you gain traction if you become stuck in snow or on ice.

4) A car wash in the winter is NOT unheard of. Not only will you have a clean car, but it will actually be doing your car good by removing road salt that can do damage over time. As seen on CBS News in Philadelphia, a driver went to hit their brakes only to learn that over time, road salt corroded his brake line, cracking them and allowing brake fluid to leak out.

With these easy to remember steps, not only will you be safe and saving money in the long run but your car will be clean in the end. We always say: “A clean car is a happy car!”

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