A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review – (CLIP: Car Chase!)

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day filled with flowers and chocolate and spending time with your loved ones. How did I elect to spend my Valentine’s Day? By seeing A Good Day to Die Hard (the fifth installment in the Die Hard series). Filled with explosions, gun fire, fist throwing and car chases (our favorite part), it’s sure to impress you. Officer John McClane is off to Russia to go and catch up with his son, but instead of chatting over lunch, they’re chatting over bullets. A car chase ensues in the earlier half of the film with Willis driving a Mercedes-Benz G500 off of a bridge and subsequently driving OVER cars to take down some bad guys. Throughout the movie, there is a lot of Mercedes-Benz product placement, however, it s tastefully done. Without giving away too much spoilers, we can say the film has a pretty good ending. The movie stars Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney with a run time of about an hour and 40 minutes. Movie rating: B+ (for explosions and car chases!). Check out a clip below from IGN and check out Die Hard on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DieHardMovies

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