REVIEW: 2013 Lincoln MKS

When thinking of Lincoln’s largest family sedan, we would typically think of the Town Car. The MKS has revamped Lincoln’s lineup as their top sedan and has done it in style. With Lincoln’s MKS, they’ve expanded their market to appeal to a younger audience as well. We stopped at Town Motors in Englewood and picked up our Lincoln for the day and definitely left with all positive thoughts.


Our Lincoln MKS had a very smooth ride and felt very luxurious. For a big sedan it did not drive like a “boat” as one would expect. The non Ecoboost engine had plenty of power under the hood which made me think that the Ecoboost engine would be a great experience. If you are someone in search for a sedan with plenty of features and space, this is the one for you.

Pros: Spacious trunk and back seat, well powered even without the EcoBoost, great design, a lot of features for what you pay.

Cons: Navigating the entertainment system proved to have some challenges, similar to the MKZ.


Base Price: $42,870 || Price as Tested: $53, 565

Vehicle Layout: Front-engine, AWD, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

Engine: 3.7L V6 || Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic w/ Paddle Activation

Curb Weight: 4391 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 205.6/85.5/61.6 inches

0-60: 6.2 seconds || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 18/27 mpg

RATING: 8.0/10

Exterior: 8

Interior: 8

Acceleration: 7

Braking: 8

Ride: 8

Handling: 8

Gearbox: 8

Audio: 8

Tech: 9

Value: 8

We’d like to thank Ted Siebold of Town Motors in Englewood, NJ for getting us into the 2013 Lincoln MKS! For all your Lincoln needs, go check out Town Lincoln in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell them Greg and Dave sent you!

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