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REVIEW: 2013 Subaru BRZ


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Sharing its’ platform with the Scion FR-S and Toyota 86 (in Japan), the Subaru BRZ is a one-of-a-kind car. The first rear-wheel-drive car for Subaru, BRZ stands for Boxer-engine, Rear-wheel-drive, and the Zenith. With great lines and style, a RWD platform, and 6-speed manual, we though the BRZ was a pretty well-rounded car. Starting at just $25,495, the BRZ comes standard with 17″ sporty wheels, a sport tuned suspension, LED daytime running lights, and HID headlights. On the inside, you get Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, XM radio with USB and iPod connectivity, Navigation, and AM/FM/CD player. With Subaru’s signature 2.0L Boxer engine, it gets you up to 60 from 0 in 6.4 seconds. With 200hp and 151lb.-ft. of torque, we felt pretty comfortable driving it. Although the interior was a little cramped and acceleration could have been a little faster, the handling more than made up for it. Taking corners and windy mountain roads with ease, the BRZ is sure to make you happy.


Pros: Great looking car with edgy lines, very modern looking, handles like it’s on rails.

Cons: No leg room for rear passengers, could use a little more power.



Base Price: $25,495 || Price as Tested: $26,510

Vehicle Layout: Front Engine, RWD, 4-passenger Coupe

Engine:  2.0-liter, 4-cylinder, 200-hp,  151 lb-ft torque || Transmission: 6-speed manual

Curb Weight:  2,762 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 166.7/69.9/59.8 inches

0-60:   6.4 seconds || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 22/30 MPG (manual)


RATING: 7.9/10

Exterior: 9

Interior: 7

Acceleration: 7

Braking: 9

Ride: 7

Handling: 10

Gearbox: 8

Audio: 7

Tech: 7

Value: 8

We’d like to thank Ted Siebold of Town Motors in Englewood, NJ for getting us into the 2013 Subaru BRZ! For all of your Subaru needs, go check out Town Subaru in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell them Greg and Dave sent you!

DISCLOSURE: Our Editor-In-Chief, Greg Saperstein, works for MWW Group, of which Subaru of America is a client. This blog post, in no way, reflects the thoughts or opinions of MWW Group or Subaru of America and is not sponsored by MWW Group or Subaru of America, in any way, shape or form.

REVIEW: 2013 Porsche Boxster

I’m just going to put this out front — formerly known as the “poor man’s Porsche”, the 2013 Boxster blew us away — and this wasn’t even the Boxster S! With an as-tested price of $56,565, the Boxster is a fast, lightweight convertible sports car. The looks we received while driving this — the cyclist who stopped us to say “nice car”, the other Boxster owner who did a thumbs up out of the top of his car when we both had our tops down in 45 degree weather, or the photographers who confused it for a Ferrari — were very satisfying. This car really turns heads.

Our Boxster had 19-inch Boxster S wheels, Porsche’s 7-speed PDK Automatic transmission and the convenience package. The convenience package includes a wind deflector screen, 2-zone automatic air conditioning (two separate control settings for driver and passenger) and dual heated seats. With a black exterior and a black leather interior, our car really shined. The Boxster features auto start-stop, AM/FM/CD player with 4 very loud speakers and a speed-activated rear spoiler. The black cloth top is able to be retracted or put up in just under 10 seconds and even goes up or down at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour — so no having to wait until you’re at a light to drop the top.

With 265 horsepower and a curb weight of under 3,000 pounds, the Boxster was propelled to 60 in 5.4 seconds. Pricing starts at just under $50,000.

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Pros: great looks, great fun and a great price! The Boxster had everything we would really need in a convertible. The performance was excellent and the technology was very easy to work with.

Cons: Tall people won’t be very comfortable in the passenger seat.


Base Price: $49,500 || Price as Tested: $56,565

Vehicle Layout: Mid-engine, 2-passenger, 2-door convertible

Engine: 2.7L H6, 265hp, 206-lb. ft. || Transmission: 7-speed PDK Automatic

Curb Weight: 2,954 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 172.2/70.9/50.5 inches

0-60: 5.4 seconds || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 22/32 mpg

RATING: 9.2/10

Exterior: 10

Interior: 8

Acceleration: 9 

Braking: 9

Ride: 9

Handling: 10 

Gearbox: 10

Audio: 10

Tech: 9

Value: 8

We’d like to thank Jake Semon at Town Porsche for getting us into the new Boxster. For all your Porsche needs, go check out Town Porsche in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell him Greg and Dave sent you!

REVIEW: 2013 Lincoln MKS

When thinking of Lincoln’s largest family sedan, we would typically think of the Town Car. The MKS has revamped Lincoln’s lineup as their top sedan and has done it in style. With Lincoln’s MKS, they’ve expanded their market to appeal to a younger audience as well. We stopped at Town Motors in Englewood and picked up our Lincoln for the day and definitely left with all positive thoughts.


Our Lincoln MKS had a very smooth ride and felt very luxurious. For a big sedan it did not drive like a “boat” as one would expect. The non Ecoboost engine had plenty of power under the hood which made me think that the Ecoboost engine would be a great experience. If you are someone in search for a sedan with plenty of features and space, this is the one for you.

Pros: Spacious trunk and back seat, well powered even without the EcoBoost, great design, a lot of features for what you pay.

Cons: Navigating the entertainment system proved to have some challenges, similar to the MKZ.


Base Price: $42,870 || Price as Tested: $53, 565

Vehicle Layout: Front-engine, AWD, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

Engine: 3.7L V6 || Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic w/ Paddle Activation

Curb Weight: 4391 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 205.6/85.5/61.6 inches

0-60: 6.2 seconds || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 18/27 mpg

RATING: 8.0/10

Exterior: 8

Interior: 8

Acceleration: 7

Braking: 8

Ride: 8

Handling: 8

Gearbox: 8

Audio: 8

Tech: 9

Value: 8

We’d like to thank Ted Siebold of Town Motors in Englewood, NJ for getting us into the 2013 Lincoln MKS! For all your Lincoln needs, go check out Town Lincoln in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell them Greg and Dave sent you!

REVIEW: 2013 Porsche Panamera 4

One of the most iconic car brands, without a doubt, is Porsche. From the 356 to the Cayenne to the Panamera (and all 50 years of the 911), Porsche has been setting the bar high for competitors and the design of their cars shows no bounds.

Thanks to Jake at Town Porsche in Englewood, we were able to get into the Panamera 4, Porsche’s 4-door fastback sedan and drive it around New Jersey for the day. With a Black exterior and Luxor Beige interior, we were excited to get on the road! Driving around the winding roads of Alpine & Englewood Cliffs’ Palisades Interstate Park (and having to maneuver around crater-sized potholes), the Panamera really hugged the turns and kept its feet planted firmly on the ground.


With a 300 horsepower V6 engine, producing 295 lb-ft. of torque, the Panamera 4 shoots to 60 in under 6 seconds. When engaged in Sport Plus mode, the shifts of the transmission were lightning quick and the responsiveness of the vehicle was astronomical.

Our Panamera test car came fully loaded with every option in the book, including the Premium Package which includes Porsche Active Suspension Management and Bi-Xenon headlights with Porsche’s Dynamic Light System and ParkAssist (Front and Rear) with reverse camera. Also included in the Premium Package are heated seats (front and rear), heated steering wheel and Power Steering Plus (where at speed, the steering gets tighter for more control).

Additional interior features included 14-way(!) power-seats with memory, front seat ventilation and an analog/digital stopwatch with driver modes that include engine mapping, steering, suspension, traction control and more. Audio features included SiriusXM, a 6-disc CD changer, and a whopping 14 Bose® speakers and amplifier. Pricing for the base Panamera starts in the high $70k’s and for the Turbo S, it can climb to well over $200,000.

We thought the Panamera 4 was a great car — with all-wheel-drive, performance and the looks, what more could you want from a luxury-performance car?

Pros: Stylish and luxurious, acceleration and shifting in Sport Plus mode, great Bose audio system, sensors around the car letting you know when you are too close to objects or cars.

Cons: Shifting using the buttons on the steering wheel took some getting used to.


Base Price: $78,100 || Price as Tested: $92,815

Vehicle Layout: Front-engine, 4-passenger, 4-door sedan

Engine: 3.6L 300hp, 295-lb. ft., V6 || Transmission: 7-speed automated manual

Curb Weight: 4,012 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 195.7/76.0/55.8 inches

0-60: 5.8 seconds  || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 18/26 mpg

RATING: 8.7/10

Exterior: 9

Interior: 9

Acceleration: 9 

Braking: 9

Ride: 8

Handling: 9 

Gearbox: 9

Audio: 10

Tech: 9

Value: 7

We’d like to thank Jake Semon at Town Porsche for getting us into the new Panamera 4! For all your Porsche needs, go check out Town Porsche in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell them Greg and Dave sent you!

REVIEW: 2013 Lincoln MKZ

When you think of Lincoln, you probably think of the Town Car (commonly driven by the elderly) or the Navigator (commonly driven by soccer moms). With Lincoln’s new MKZ, they’ve expanded their market to appeal to a younger audience.We stopped at Town Motors in Englewood and picked up our Lincoln for the day, drove it around Northern New Jersey and simply put, we loved it.

Our MKZ came with the Ecoboost I4 which produced 240 horses and had a brutish 270 pound-feet of torque which propelled the car to 60 in just over 7 seconds. The MKZ came equipped with heated mirrors, LED headlamps and taillights, 10-way front driver’s and passenger’s seats, Ford Motor Company’s SYNC with MyTouch system, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, power moonroof, keyless entry with external keypad, and push button start with push button gear selection as well. Our test vehicle also had Equipment Group 101A which includes the rear view video camera and reverse sensing system.

The finishings of the Special Edition vehicle include a silver exterior with charcoal leather interior and a walnut wood trim.

We thought that even though the car has a 4-cylinder engine, it accelerated like that of a 6-cylinder. (The MKZ is available with a V6 engine also). We LOVED that Lincoln brought back the push-button gear selection, reminiscent of cars from the 50s and 60s. The only thing we weren’t so fond of in the car was the entertainment system and dash controls — with the touch screen and the sliding your finger over the volume bar proving to be a little cumbersome, but a lot of the other features in the car made up for it. At a base price of just under $36,000, you get a great amount of equipment in a reliable, luxury American car.

Pros: The new style for 2013, acceleration with the Ecoboost, comfortable and spacious, individual buttons for gear selection, great audio system and had a lot of storage compartments.
Cons: Navigating the entertainment system proved to have some challenges.
Base Price: $35,925 || Price as Tested: $40,950
Vehicle Layout: Front-engine, AWD, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan
Engine: 2.0L, 240hp, 270 lb-ft., I-4 EcoBoost || Transmission: 6-speed SelectShift Automatic with Paddle Shifters
Curb Weight: 3874 lbs || Length/Width/Height: 194.1/83.3/58.1 inches
0-60: 7.1 seconds || EPA City/Highway Fuel Economy: 18/26mpg  
RATING: 8.4/10
Exterior: 9
Interior: 8
Acceleration: 8 
Braking: 9
Ride: 9
Handling: 9 
Gearbox: 9
Audio: 8
Tech: 7
Value: 8
We’d like to thank Ted Siebold of Town Motors in Englewood, NJ for getting us into the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. For all your Lincoln needs, go check out Town Lincoln in Englewood, NJ and online at Make sure you tell them Greg and Dave sent you!