Need for Speed: Texas Style

We all wish there was a highway we can cruise on at 85 mph and not get a ticket for doing so. Oh wait, there is! In 2012, Texas galloped its way to State Highway 130 which is a 40 mile stretch between Austin and San Antonio with a legal speed limit of 85 mph.

Picture courtesy of TopMotors

Picture courtesy of TopMotors

Going 85 mph on this road does come with a price–it’s a toll road which costs just over $6 one way. This toll road was built by a private company to Texas Department of Transportation specifications. The company spokesman ensures that 85 mph on this road is safe because the road does not run through neighborhoods. The spokesman also says that they are not building a racetrack through the middle of town, but they are making sure people get to where they have to go safely and reliably.

The toll road was built to lessen congestion between the highly populated cities of Austin and San Antonio. If you do not mind paying a toll road, then this is the way to go. This highway is under constant observation to make sure drivers are as safe as possible.

If you ever make it to Texas, this is probably a treat for all you speed demons who have a need for speed!

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