Cars & Coffee at Prestige

Whether you’re a muscle car, supercar or JDM fan, yesterday’s Cars and Coffee at Prestige BMW of Ramsey showed that car guys (and girls), no matter what they drive, can come together and enjoy other people’s rides. Personally, I’m a sucker for older JDM cars (one of my favorites is the R33 Skyline) and late 80s-early 90s American Muscle, but what really got me excited were the pre-2005 BMW’s that were there, especially the 850CSi and the collection of M Coupes. What was your favorite car at the show?

McLaren MP4-12C Cabrio vs. X-Games Snowboarder

Rhys Millen is a current top drifting competitor and former rally driver. What happens when you put both together? You get a McLaren MP4 drifting around a snow-covered mountain, racing against Winter X-Games snowboarding medalist Chanelle Sladics. Who do you think wins? Watch the video and find out!

Photo from the McLaren YouTube channel (screenshot).

Record-Breaking Ice Run!

Several cars these days can hit 200 mph — no problem. Look at the Corvette ZR1, any Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and others and you’ll see. But when you throw ice into the equation, it’s a different story. Nokian Tires threw some winter treads onto an Audi RS6, brought to an ice track and launched — all the way to 209 miles an hour. Check out the video below for some record-breaking driving.